The Team

Sensei Matthew Kellaway

Following a very impressive grading in Essex Sensei Matt was promoted to Black belt 1st Dan and now joins the team of Sensei Matt Kellaway excellent coaches at our dojo. Sensei Matt brings with him his effort and determination to succeed. Over the first year of Sensei Matt holding his 1st Dan he has increased his knowledge of competing by adding MMA to his skills and his groundwork has improved because of this.

Sensei Mark Thompson

On Friday 21 of December 2012 Marks gold medal perfomance in our contest impressed Sensei Jim Lawson Sensei Mark Thompson (7th Dan) enough to ask the question ” Just how much longer is this guy going to be a brown belt?”
It was decided by the senior Dan grades that he should be a brown belt no longer and was duly presented with his First dan Black belt. Sensei Mark has helped out with the coaching for many years now both as a general helper and of late as an assistant instructor. He will fit in nicely with our dedicated coaching team and with his strength and dedication will be yet another asset to the team.